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Shelenn White


Shelenn is the owner and operator of Veretta’s Kitchen. She has been able to combine her love for food and cooking with her love for people. She believes that the table not only feeds the stomach, but also feeds the soul.


Shelenn grew up watching the strong women in her family love and cook for their families and community. Shelenn officially started Veretta’s Kitchen 2 years ago, to honor her late mother along with some other strong woman in her life. She watched her mother cook for people on a regular basis. As a child she would watch how her mother would pour love into her food and wisdom out from her soul. Shelenn also has a great love for people. She has never met a stranger and if she did, they were not a stranger for long. Helping people recognize the versatility of different foods and the endless variations of flavors is her passion. Teaching others to step out of their limited palette box and try new combinations. This book will definitely add some great recipes to your arsenal. As you try the recipes, I hope that you can feel the love. Feel free to add your spin to it and make it your own. People are her passion, but flavor has always been  love languagee.


Shelenn White

















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